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"Bedarra" 8 Person Tent
The Bedarra is a premium two room tent. The large rear bedroom has the unique ventraflow panels, two..
Ex Tax: $590.00
"Brampton" 12 Person Tent
The Brampton is a three room tent that offers excellent space and headroom throughout. The two end r..
Ex Tax: $726.36
"Escape 4 Plus" 4 Person Tent
Available in three sizes, the Escape series epitomises Outdoor Connection's commitment to produc..
Ex Tax: $218.18
"Gunya" 2 Person Tent
The Gunya is a lightweight hiker tent with a strong aluminium frame. Plenty of internal space is ens..
Ex Tax: $181.77
"Heron" 8 Person Tent
The Heron is a spacious two room tent. This unique tent has a large ventraflow panel on each side. I..
Ex Tax: $453.64
"Trinity" 3 Person Tent
The Trinity Dome can be used as a mesh dome, swag dome or a normal three person dome tent. The al..
Ex Tax: $86.32
"Wanderer" 3 Person Tent
The Wanderer is the entry level tent. It is, however, still made to the high standards of workmanshi..
Ex Tax: $63.59
"Weekender" 4 Person Tent
The Weekender is a large single room tent with Ventralow panels on both sides, and large front and r..
Ex Tax: $362.73
Single (1) side wall to suit Weekender Tent   Picture shows side wall on tent, tent ..
Ex Tax: $16.32